7 Tips for Real Estate Digital Marketing in the Philippines

7 Tips for Real Estate Digital Marketing in the Philippines

Reach and market access are vital for real estate companies and to help them we have explained 7 tips for real estate digital marketing in the Philippines.

For many businesses, making the right “marketing” decision isn’t easy, although it can make a huge difference.

Marketing is essential for any product or service specifically for real estate. The focus of this article is not traditional marketing but digital marketing for real estate in the Philippines. 

In Metro Manila, the pandemic has prompted groups to undertake sustainable workspaces, which growing office leasing calls for. In reality, Real Estate in the Philippines expected approximately 37% of the brand new buildings to operate within the following couple of years.

How do you know where to spend it when it comes to digital marketing versus traditional marketing? Let’s start.

Traditional marketing – refers to what we had been around for decades such as television, radio, direct mail, billboards, and yellow pages or book to call. While on the other hand,

Digital marketing – refers to measurable and interactive advertising of a business or services and products via digital media consisting of search engine optimization, search engine advertising, email marketing, social media advertising, and more.

So, how do you create an effective and stand out in a crowded marketplace? That turns out, your actual estate list strategy. We listed down the Top 7 Reasons why real estate needs digital marketing to boost sales.

Here are 7 Tips for Real Estate Digital Marketing in the Philippines

  1. Targeting the right audience – They know how to reach your audience that can convert as your leads. With digital marketing, they can potentially reach your audience anytime through their smartphone or desktop.
  1. The most cost-effective way to market your business – Digital marketing has several advantages compared to the traditional one. You can get higher results with just a smaller investment. With affordable digital marketing tactics, small businesses can also get more for their marketing spending.
  1. Create winning email campaigns – In the Real Estate world, emails can drive more sales with targeted marketing messages. Through email, you can also bring to notice your new listings on the market and stoke the interest of potential customers.
  1. Knowing your competitors – You may see or observe how your competitors are up to by doing a competitor analysis. Everyone else is going digital. They can improve your strategies on how you can compete in the market and sell your product effectively.
  1. Good return on investment – They can provide a steady and reliable boost in your business. The higher ROI way better earnings in your company by spending a bit extra cash on. Digital Marketing will give you a much bigger return in the long run.
  1. Updated to current trends in real-time – Digital marketing lets you reply to viral trends in real-time. This enables your engagement to gain likes, shares, and reactions. Communicating in conversations about popular current events makes your brand updated in what’s going on in people’s daily lives.
  1. Digital Marketing creates effective blogging – Writing an interesting blog catches the viewer’s attention. Blogging about real estate here in the Philippines helps you to become a standard brand. It enables consumers to build trust and confidence in your business. 


While nearly each land agent and broker implement one or a lot of digital selling campaigns as a region of their business, it all comes down to how they maximize their resources and strategies. 

Real estate digital marketing focuses on content to unravel the issues of the homebuyer and answer their questions, and enhance your possibilities of obtaining potential leads.

Real Estate Digital Marketing Tactics:

A. Web Development – A website is a must in this digital era if a real estate company wants to reach out to the target audience. Here are the 10 Must-Haves to Include on Your Real Estate Website.

1) Lots of property photos and description

2) Searchable listings

3) Updated links

4) Type that’s accurate and easy-to-read

5) Customer-centric content

6) Information prospects can use

7) Simplicity

8) Organization

9)  A consistent look

10) Short, snappy copy

(Source: vaned.com)

B. SEO – Search Engine Optimization enables you to attain prospective buyers and sellers. It can also improve your website’s ranking in search engines. Here are the 8 Real Estate SEO Best Practices.

 1. Target local SEO keywords.

2. Make your website mobile-responsive

3. Publish helpful real estate blog content

4. Optimize your site content for the search engines

5. Develop quality video content

6. Optimize your social media and directory NAPs and bios.

7. Encourage past clients to leave online reviews

8.  Get social

(Source: lyfemarketing.com)

C. PPC – PPC stands for pay-per-click, a version of net advertising where advertisers pay a rate every time their ads are clicked. Essentially, it’s a manner of purchasing visits on your site, instead of trying to “earn” the visits organically. Here are the benefits of PPC for Real estate. 

1) Focused Lead Generation – there are way better chances of getting real conversions – than performing most other forms or types of digital advertising or marketing.

2) PPC is the fastest way to get leads/conversions – The Ad itself comes in the form of text – that holds in it a link to a particular landing page or a website page. This means that no matter what you do or how much you spend – your ad will not even show on search engines until you duly comply with many of the principles that are deeply ingrained within the organic way.

3) More accurate & strategic than other conventional forms of advertising – One can easily target the right audience or potential customers – who are most likely to click on your ads because it is in distinctive similarity to what they’re browsing or looking for.

4) All your leads are yours alone –  Unlike many other forms and types of generating and sourcing leads – PPC – gives one a superior benefit over the others. PPC is a form of advertising and marketing that brings a user or a potential customer to one’s specific page; this is the main premise of paying for the click.

5) ROI – Without knowing the amount and sheer value of returns – there aren’t as many reasons that could convince someone of making investments in anything. Digital history has always provided hard evidence and facts when it comes to portraying the benefits of the PPC.

(Source: blog.seagulladvertising.com)

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D. Sales Funnel – A real estate funnel is the system that guides visitors through your website or landing page. It turns visitors into leads and ultimately turns them into your clients. Here are the 7 Best Click funnels Templates for Real Estate.

1) Real Estate Listing

2) Ultimate Real Estate Property Funnel

3) Real Estate Lead and Squeeze Funnel

4) Real Estate Magnet Funnel

5) Real Estate Listing Lead Generation Funnel

6) Real Estate Reverse Squeeze Page Funnel

(Source: salesfunnelhq.com)

E. Social Media – In the fast-paced world of technology and social media, the Philippines has the highest average time of use of social media sites.

A recent study from the real estate website, The Close, found that 44% of agents said they acquired a new client in 2020 because of their social media posts. In fact, social media was right behind the referrals for new listings last year. 

Facebook – use this platform to publish consistent property-related content and make use of its ability to book appointments. Monitor for comments and feedback from customers and engage accordingly.

Instagram –  Always share high-quality property photographs to improve visibility and engagement.

LinkedIn – It is recommended to set up a company page and publish content regularly.

YouTube – Having a presence in YouTube gives an edge over competitors and makes video an incredibly powerful marketing tool for any real estate business.

( Credit/ Source: gobrix.com )

F. Content Creation – Content marketing seems to have been created for the real estate industry. You can share something as simple as a presentation video that can go viral online if you do it right. Here are some strategies that drive more leads and results for your real estate work.

  1. Establish a blog on your real estate website – Having a blog on your real estate website will allow them to continue exploring how you can assist their real estate needs after reading the content.
  2. Great content is relevant and meaningful – Your goal with content marketing is to provide guidance and share your expertise, which ultimately builds trust and relationships — the core of your real estate work. 
  3. Keep it local – Remember, your work is a local service, so the content you’re putting out needs to be specific to your local area.

(Credit/ Source: blogs.constantcontact.com)


The real estate industry can afford to overlook the potential of the Internet. As Internet users grow, competitors make optimal use of the Internet to reach interested buyers.

People can check real estate from the comfort of their own home or workplace and share it with those that are closed without moving an inch is what makes digital marketing so important to the real estate industry.

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