Why do real estate professionals turn to digital marketing

Why do real estate professionals turn into digital marketing?

Hey, are you a real estate professional and looking for how to run your business successfully in the 21st century?  Now including real estate professionals, everyone is rapidly switching towards Digital Marketing across the world and reaping its benefits.

According to the recent Home Buyers and Sellers Generational Trends Report published by the National Association of Realtors (NAR), 97% of home-buyers used the internet to search for homes in 2020 across the world, particularly in the USA. According to Close, 82% of real estate agents planned to improve their social media presence in 2021, and 44% of realtors gained success in 2020. This means that to build a successful business and close more edge over the competitors, real estate agencies must strengthen their real estate digital marketing tactics. 

The reason for the extensive use of Digital Marketing by real estate professionals is the targeted online marketing strategies improve turnovers, build transparency and augment sales volume. In this article, the Tajweez properties will show you why estate professionals use Digital marketing tactics in real estate projects and how Park View City successfully employs digital marketing tactics in its project. Let’s start!

Why Do Real Estate Professionals Use Digital Marketing Tactics?

Search Engine Visibility For Long-Term Growth

According to Forbes, 93% of all online experiences begin with the Google search engine. Today good real estate branding can help investors or home-buyers trust your services. Because today the marketplace is crowded and building credibility is challenging. Therefore, once there is optimal search engine visibility, you will generate brand awareness and more leads. More leads mean, more money.

Attract the Target Audience Beyond Your Locality

Not all real estate home-buyers will be of the same demographic. The reason to use digital marketing tactics for real estate projects is to attract a large audience across or across the world. If a real estate professional is spending his marketing campaigns on the wrong audience, he will not stand out from the competition. 

In the real estate business, there are two focus areas of the target audience: Type of Customer and Type of Location. By working on these two areas, you can reach out to your audience, not just in your local area but also in other regions or across the world. Through marketing research and analysis, you can communicate your message effectively to the specific target audience you want.

Video Marketing Increases Conversions

According to a stat from Lemon Light, 86% of home-buyers prefer video to research a community. Other studies have shown that links to pages with embedded videos get 158% more organic traffic. 

Millennials Are Becoming First-Time Potential Buyers  

A Finances Online’s 2021-2022 report states millennials are the largest buying demographic. Millennials are tech-savvy and use smartphones every day. If real estate agencies do not use online marketing, there are lesser chances of reaching out to these First-time possible potential buyers. 

Artificial Intelligence to Automate Tasks

Artificial intelligence like AI-powered chatbots plays a significant role in automating tasks and predicting outcomes as they are accessible 24/7. In digital marketing, AI can predict the needs of a customer and create customer behaviour data in real-time.

Augmented/Virtual Reality For Virtual Tours

According to a Goldman Sachs study, the virtual reality market can generate over $2.6 billion by 2025. With AR/VR technologies, virtual tours can give a great sense of the home’s appearance. This way potential buyers don’t have to visit the property physically but have an emotional and sensory experience.  Thus, this strategy is time-saving with efficient working.

Creating Effective Real Estate Digital Marketing Tactics in 2022

Social Media Marketing 

The majority of Facebook users are between 25 and 35 years of age. According to Desa NINJA reports, an average Facebook user spends around 35 to 40 minutes on this platform and the conversion rate for every 100 leads is 1 to 1.5.

So when you choose a social media channel for paid real estate marketing, Facebook must be on your priority list. Billions of netizens are part of this social media platform. You can also run targeted Facebook ads for your demographic.  

Content Marketing For Your Website With Search Engine Optimization

Your website must be the focal point of your digital marketing efforts. It should have a  professional appeal too. It must be easy to open fast to run.

Some benchmarks to consider for a successful website working are:

  • High-quality pictures 
  • Good descriptions with engaging titles.
  • Navigability or easy to access
  • Mobile-friendliness as much as possible.

So being a real estate professional, you should invest in creating a content marketing strategy. Thus SEO or search engine optimization must be next on your priority list if you want to be a successful real estate professional.

  1. Virtual Tour Marketing

Similar to SEO-oriented content, you should offer 3D virtual tours so that your leads can access them from mobile, tablet, or computer. According to Better BizWorks, virtual breakthroughs increase leads by 70% more than conventional listings with photos.

Virtual real estate hosting can assist you in generating leads outside your city or country as well.

  1. Email Marketing 

Emails Marketing is one of the best ways to grow your digital network in your real estate niche. Emails are necessary for building and nurturing relationships with your clients regularly. And this is a professional way of marketing communication as well. 

Final Thoughts on why Real Estate Professionals are using digital marketing

To sum it up, I hope this article will help you a lot in your understanding of digital marketing use in real estate projects. Park View City is a fantastic project that is successfully using digital marketing tactics in its real estate project. This article was all about real estate digital marketing strategy and its successful use in 2022. Digital marketing is vital for the real estate industry just like any other field.  If you are a real estate professional, you can contact us for more info on the use of Digital Marketing in real estate projects.

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